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Effects of Urea and TMAO on Lipid Self-Assembly under Osmotic Stress Conditions

Pham, Quoc Dat; Wolde-Kidan, Amanuel; Gupta, Anirudh; Schlaich, Alexander; Schneck, Emanuel; Netz, Roland R.; Sparr, Emma

Most land-living organisms regularly experience dehydration. In nature, one commonly applied strategy to protect against this osmotic stress is to introduce small polar molecules with low vapor pressure, commonly called osmolytes. Two examples of naturally occurring small polar compounds are urea and trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), which are known to have…
12 March 2019
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Adduct modified nano-clay mineral dispersed polystyrene nanocomposites as advanced corrosion resistance coatings for aluminum alloys

Raju, Annu; Lakshmi, V.; Vishnu Prataap, R. K.; Resmi, V. G.; Rajan, T. P. D.; Pavithran, C.; Prasad, V. S.; Mohan, S.

The present investigation is on processing of a series of clay polystyrene nanocomposite (CPS) coatings containing different adduct modified montmorillonite (Mt) for corrosion resistance coating applications. The corrosion properties were studied using potentiodynamic and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements in 3.5wt% aqueous NaCl electrolyte. The CPS coatings offered enhanced…
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Effects of oxidation on the physicochemical properties of polyunsaturated lipid membranes

Parra-Ortiz, Elisa; Browning, Kathryn L.; Damgaard, Liv S. E.; Nordström, Randi; Micciulla, Samantha; Bucciarelli, Saskia; Malmsten, Martin

The exposure of biological membranes to reactive oxygen species (ROS) plays an important role in many pathological conditions such as inflammation, infection, or sepsis. ROS also modulate signaling processes and produce markers for damaged tissue. Lipid peroxidation, mainly affecting polyunsaturated phospholipids, results in a complex mixture of oxidized products, which…
12 March 2019