Oil and gas

Understand the temperature dependent transport of mass and heat in coal. Enhance the mixability of ethanol and diesel. Or optimize crude oil recovery…

Characterization at the nanoscale can help you find answers.

With X-ray scattering in your lab, you can for example:

  • Determine the pore size, shape and spatial correlation of networks and nanodomains in shale, coal and polymer films for CO2/CH4 separation
  • Characterize the morphology of stabilizing nanostructures in bioethanol/diesel mixtures
  • Investigate the size, shape and stability of asphaltene micro-emulsions
  • Reveal the morphology and topological structure of spherical mesostructured cellular silica foams

Using SAXS to characterize nanocomposite films for gas separation

SAXS measurements reveal the effect of annealing the films with solvent vapor.

With SAXS and WAXS you get a statistically relevant answer within one measurement

Pore size and pore distribution, fractal dimensions, specific interface…

What do you want to look at?

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using X-ray Scattering for their research in oil and gas

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Effects of calcination and activation conditions on ordered mesoporous carbon supported iron catalysts for production of lower olefins from synthesis gas
Oschatz, M.; Deelen, T. W. van; Weber, J. L.; Lamme, W. S.; Wang, G.; Goderis, B.; Verkinderen, O.; Dugulan, A. I.; Jong, K. P. de
Catalysis Science & Technology2016
Study of liquid-phase molecular packing interactions and morphology of fatty acid methyl esters (biodiesel)
Berman, P.; Meiri, N.; Colnago, L. A.; Moraes, T. B.; Linder, C.; Levi, O.; Parmet, Y.; Saunders, M.; Wiesman, Z.
Biotechnology for Biofuels2015


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SAXS Nanostructure

Oil Gas SAXS Nanostructure

Oil Gas SAXS Nanostructure

Oil Gas SAXS Nanostructure – Lab Study Of Coal Pore

Oil Gas SAXS Nanostructure – Lab Study Of Coal Pore, EOR Surfactant Phase – Get Insight of Material Structural Organization At The Atomic And Nanoscale