Biostructural research

Determine protein crystallization conditions. Monitor protein behavior in vitro. Identify systems for drug delivery. Optimize formulation of self-assembled biomaterials or biological macromolecules…

Characterization at the nanoscale can help you find answers.

With X-ray scattering in your lab, you can for example:

  • Study the interactions between proteins (higher order structure), including stability and aggregation pathways
  • Determine protein complexes size, molecular weight and degree of folding
  • Access the structure of intrinsically disordered proteins and RNA and quantify movements of flexible domains
  • Analyze the structure of liquid crystals in lipid drug delivery systems. Determine size and shape of micelles or surfactants for formulation of drug delivery systems
  • Characterize self-assembly of peptides for development of therapeutics or biomaterials.

In-lab SEC-SAXS for structural investigation of complex samples

In this application example, SAXS data of sufficiently high quality to extract structural information such as 3D envelopes of small and large protein species are obtained through in-line gel filtration.

SAXS is ideally suited for structural analysis of biological macromolecules in vitro

Size and shape, molecular weight, degree of folding, radius of gyration, aggregation …
What do you want to measure?

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SAXS as a tool for characterizing monoclonal antibody-protein antigen interactions

Detailed biophysical description of antibody-protein antigens interactions is important for guiding physical characterization and molecular engineering of therapeutic targets. Proteins can […]


Microgels are colloidal particles consisting of cross-linked 3-dimensional polymer networks. These particles have the ability to shrink or swell substantially in response to external stimuli such as temperature, pH, ionic strength and light, allowing […]


The vital function of cells depends strongly on cell membranes which enclose cellular compartments and separate the cell interior from the extracellular domain. Oxidative stress for example damages the cell membrane and is at the origin of many pathological conditions such as […]

Thorough investigation of oligomers during protein fibrillation

Protein aggregation into fibrillar structures is associated with a variety of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. It is becoming increasingly evident that the toxic species causing the adverse effects are not mature fibrils, but oligomers. These are aggregates formed transiently at […]

High throughput protein envelope determination

Small-angle X-ray scattering is complementary to other structural biology techniques. It provides reliable information on the shape of proteins in solution and associated parameters including macromolecule interactions and dynamics. Reliability of the measurements and high throughput are […]

Protein-protein interactions

Protein-protein interactions are relevant for various biological processes, such as transcription and signal transduction, but also for protein crystallization, stability and shelf-life of pharmaceutical formulations, as well as for […]

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Effects of oxidation on the physicochemical properties of polyunsaturated lipid membranes
Parra-Ortiz, E.; Browning, K.L.; Damgaard, L. S. E.; Nordström, R.; Micciulla, S.; Bucciarelli, S.; Malmsten, M.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science2019
Phosphorylation-induced conformational dynamics in an intrinsically disordered protein and potential role in phenotypic heterogeneity
Kulkarni, P.; Jolly, M. K.; Jia, D.; Mooney, S. M.; Bhargava, A.; Kagohara, L. T.; Chen, Y.; Hao, P.; He, Y.; Veltri, R. W.; Grishaev, A.; Weninger, K.; Levine, H.; Orban, J.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences2017


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