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How does moisture affect the nanostructure of wood?

The last decades have seen an increase in climate protection awareness as well as significant advances in bio-based nanotechnology. Therefore, given the stringent sustainability requirements, wood-based nanomaterials have found applications in numerous fields such as energy, biomedicine, construction or as a replacement for petroleum-based polymers . Nonetheless, the performance of…
22 December 2022
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Analysing polymer nanocomposites with X-ray scattering

- Application highlight - Nanocomposites are a type of composite material in which nanoscale particles or fibres (the filler) consisting of one or more materials are dispersed throughout a bulk (matrix) material. Both the filler(s) and the matrix retain elements of their own bulk material properties, while the nanoscale parameters…
13 July 2020
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Functional foods characterization at the nanoscale using SAXS

- Application highlight - Development of nanocarriers for functional food delivery is an active area of research. Both the development and the production process require characterization techniques that provide information about how nutrient loading and processing conditions influence the final structure and stability of nanocarriers and their dispersion in food.…
24 January 2020