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SAXS continues its fast adoption into industrial drug development in Characterization, Formulation and Quality Control

Welcome to the Xenocs blog for exploring the remarkable potential of Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) in the realm of pharmaceuticals.

SAXS, a non-intrusive technique for investigating nanoscale structures, holds transformative implications for drug development and analysis. From deciphering molecular behavior to facilitating protein therapeutics, its diverse applications are reshaping pharmaceutical research.

Gain understanding of how SAXS aids in uncovering drug mechanisms, optimizing delivery systems, and catalyzing breakthroughs in personalized medicine. Start your journey with us to uncover the pivotal role of SAXS in advancing health sciences.

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Characterization of protein self-association
Characterization of protein intermolecular interactions
High throughput protein envelope determination
Protein-protein interactions, from in vivo functionality to pharmaceutics and food…
In-lab SEC-SAXS for structural investigation of complex samples

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