Cosmetics and consumer care

Characterizing stability of emulsions,
Improving product viscoelastic properties,
Controlling delivery?

Characterization at the nanoscale can help you find answers.

With X-ray scattering in your lab, you can for example:

  • Investigate the thermal stability of micelle based detergents
  • Determine the phase of lyotropic liquid crystals in creams
  • Find the size and shape of self-assembled vesicles for delivery of active ingredients
  • Establish the optimal ratio between hydrophilic and hydrophobic components to create a stable emulsion

Overview of a surfactant structure

Discover how SAXS/WAXS measurements reveal the inner structure of Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo from Procter & Gamble.

SAXS is an ideal technique for the analysis of turbid samples

Shape & size, fractal dimensions, shear-stress relations…
What do you want to measure?

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using X-ray scattering for their research in cosmetics & consumer care

Customer publications

Discover how scientists use Xenocs instruments for their research & publications

Micellization in vegetable oils: A structural characterisation 
Fadel, O; Girard, L.; Gomes Rodrigues, D.; Bauduin, P.; Le Goff, X.; Rossignol-Castera, A.; L’Hermitte, A.; Diat, O.
Colloids and Surfaces B, 2017
Influence of silicone distribution and mobility on the oxygen permeability of model silicone hydrogels
Seitz, M. E.; Wiseman, M. E.; Hilker, I.; Loos, J.; Tian, M.; Li, J.; Goswami, M.; Litvinov, V. M.; Curtin, S.; Bulters, M.
Polymer, 2017


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Smart nanoscale characterization

Cosmetics SAXS Nanostructure

Xeuss 3.0

The Next Generation
(GI-)SAXS/WAXS/USAXS beamline for the laboratory

Cosmetics SAXS Nanostructure


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Cosmetics SAXS Nanostructure

Cosmetics SAXS Nanostructure

Cosmetics SAXS Nanostructure -Characterize Micelles, Emulsions In-Situ

Cosmetics SAXS Nanostructure – Characterize Micelles, Emulsions In-Situ. Improve Formulation and Stability With Atomic And Nanoscale Information