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A multi-functional dual-energy laboratory Mo-Cr-SAXS system

Koppoju, S.

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Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2015, vol 48, 6, pp. 2040-2043



A laboratory small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) system with a dual energy (Mo and Cr) source has been designed and established with the aim of studying the heterogeneity in high-Z metallic structural materials such as steels (Fe alloy) and other materials. With the combination of Mo and Cr energies, various camera lengths (maximum of 2400 mm), and an area detector, three decades of q range has been achieved, from 0.024 to 14 nm−1. In real space, the probing periodic distance is a maximum of 261 nm. SAXS profiles of 9Cr-ODS steel powders with good statistics with a measurement time of 6 h show the aptness and viability of this system for the investigation of high-`Z’ (high-absorption) metallic structural materials. In addition to having Mo and Cr sources, a flexible sample mounting stage permits measurements on a wide range of materials from soft to hard and liquid to solid, both in transmission and in grazing-incidence geometry.

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