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Enhanced intramolecular charge transfer of unfused electron acceptors for efficient organic solar cells

Qin, Ran; Yang, Weitao; Li, Shuixing; Lau, Tsz-Ki; Yu, Zhipeng; Liu, Zhang; Shi, Minmin; Lu, Xinhui; Li, Chang-Zhi; Chen, Hongzheng

It is promising, yet challenging, to employ molecules of slight synthetic complexity to construct efficient and low-cost organic solar cells (OSCs). Herein, two unfused acceptors, DF-TCIC and HF-TCIC, were developed for OSC applications, in which the 3,4-difluorothiophene core connected through a cyclopentadithiophene (CPDT) bridge to 1,1-dicyanomethylene-3-indanone derivatives (IC for DF-TCIC…
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An inverted planar solar cell with 13% efficiency and a sensitive visible light detector based on orientation regulated 2D perovskites

Lian, Xiaomei; Chen, Jiehuan; Fu, Ruilin; Lau, Tsz-Ki; Zhang, Yingzhu; Wu, Gang; Lu, Xinhui; Fang, Yanjun; Yang, Deren; Chen, Hongzheng

Improving the film quality is of great importance in promoting the power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 2D perovskite-based solar cells (PVSCs), but the solution to this issue is limited. In this work, a strategy of combining the advantages of the ammonium thiocyanate (NH4SCN) additive and merged annealing (MA) process was…
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Evolution of morphology and open-circuit voltage in alloy-energy transfer coexisting ternary organic solar cells

Xia, Benzheng; Yuan, Liu; Zhang, Jianqi; Wang, Zaiyu; Fang, Jin; Zhao, Yifan; Deng, Dan; Ma, Wei; Lu, Kun; Wei, Zhixiang

The oligomer-type small molecule PDT2FBT-ID is applied in a polymer/small molecule/fullerene ternary system. The PTB7-Th/PDT2FBT-ID/PC71BM ternary active layer shows complementary absorption spectra, enhanced face-on orientation and energy transfer properties. Compared to the binary system, the FF of the ternary system is improved from 66.72% to 76.14% and the Jsc is…
12 March 2019
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Scalable, anisotropic transparent paper directly from wood for light management in solar cells

Jia, Chao; Li, Tian; Chen, Chaoji; Dai, Jiaqi; Kierzewski, Iain Michael; Song, Jianwei; Li, Yiju; Yang, Chunpeng; Wang, Chengwei; Hu, Liangbing

The growing demand for flexible electronics and solar energy conversion devices has fueled a search for high-quality paper-based materials with excellent mechanical flexibility and optical properties such as high transparency and haze. Despite the tremendous efforts have been dedicated to developing paper-based materials with high transparency or high haze, challenges…
12 March 2019
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Efficient perovskite photovoltaic devices using chemically doped PCDTBT as a hole-transport material

Wong-Stringer, Michael; Bishop, James E.; Smith, Joel A.; Mohamad, David K.; Parnell, Andrew J.; Kumar, Vikas; Rodenburg, Cornelia; Lidzey, David G.

It is shown that by chemically doping the carbazole-based conjugated polymer PCDTBT using the molecular materials TBP, LiTFSI and FK209, its conductivity can be increased by a factor of 105 times. Such doped PCDTBT films are used as a hole transport material (HTM) for standard architecture (CH(NH2)2PbI3)0.85(CH3NH3PbBr3)0.15 perovskite solar cells…
12 March 2019
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Ordered Mesoporous to Macroporous Oxides with Tunable Isomorphic Architectures: Solution Criteria for Persistent Micelle Templates

Lokupitiya, Hasala N.; Jones, Alexis; Reid, Barry; Guldin, Stefan; Stefik, Morgan

Porous and nanoscale architectures of inorganic materials have become crucial for a range of energy and catalysis applications, where the ability to control the morphology largely determines the transport characteristics and device performance. Despite the availability of a range of block copolymer self-assembly methods, the conditions for tuning the key…
12 March 2019
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Aqueous Polysulfide–Air Battery with a Mediator-Ion Solid Electrolyte and a Copper Sulfide Catalyst for Polysulfide Redox

Gross, Martha M.; Manthiram, Arumugam

Aqueous sodium polysulfide–air batteries are a promising system for enabling low-cost, high energy density, environmentally benign batteries for grid-scale deployment. However, the sluggish redox kinetics of aqueous polysulfide requires the use of a catalyst. Cobalt sulfide is a traditional catalyst with good activity and stability, but it uses expensive and…
12 March 2019
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Thermomechanical and Conductive Properties of Thiol–Ene Poly(ionic liquid) Networks Containing Backbone and Pendant Imidazolium Groups

Bratton, Abigail F.; Kim, Sung-Soo; Ellison, Christopher J.; Miller, Kevin M.

A series of covalently cross-linked poly(ionic liquid) networks were prepared using thiol–ene “click” photopolymerization. In these networks, imidazolium groups are placed in the backbone and pendant to the main chain, creating a “hybrid”-type network architecture. The pendant imidazolium groups were incorporated into the networks from monofunctional “ene” monomers that contained…
12 March 2019