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PrP (58–93) peptide from unstructured N-terminal domain of human prion protein forms amyloid-like fibrillar structures in the presence of Zn2+ ions

Gielnik, Maciej; Pietralik, Zuzanna; Zhukov, Igor; Szymańska, Aneta; Kwiatek, Wojciech M.; Kozak, Maciej

Many transition metal ions modulate the aggregation of different amyloid peptides. Substoichiometric zinc concentrations can inhibit aggregation, while an excess of zinc can accelerate the formation of cytotoxic fibrils. In this study, we report the fibrillization of the octarepeat domain to amyloid-like structures. Interestingly, this self-assembling process occurred only in…
25 November 2019
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Effect of Drawing on the Electrical, Thermoelectrical, and Mechanical Properties of Wet-Spun PEDOT:PSS Fibers

Sarabia-Riquelme, Ruben; Shahi, Maryam; Brill, Joseph W.; Weisenberger, Matthew C.

New electrically conducting and mechanically robust fibers and yarns are needed as building blocks for emerging textile devices. In this work, we describe a continuous wet-spinning process for the fabrication of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) fibers with high electrical conductivity, excellent mechanical properties, and moderate thermoelectric performance by…
25 November 2019
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TBAH/Urea/H2O solvent for room temperature wet-spinning of cellulose and optimization of drawing process

Zhang, Jingyu; Wang, Mengdie; Li, Wei; Wei, Wei; Li, Jinyang; Jiang, Man; Wang, Yong; Zhou, Zuowan

TBAH(tetra-butylammonium hydroxide)/Urea/H2O solvent has been applied for the solvent wet-spinning of cellulose, due to its room temperature operation, good stability and spinnability of the cellulose solution, as well as the unconditional string of low DP (degree of polymerization) for dissolving cellulose. Most importantly, it is found that the stability of…
25 November 2019
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Morphology and ionic conductivity relationship in silk/cellulose biocomposites

Blessing, Bailey; Trout, Cory; Morales, Abneris; Rybacki, Karleena; Love, Stacy A.; Lamoureux, Guillaume; O’Malley, Sean M.; Hu, Xiao; Cruz, David Salas-de la

The relationship between morphology and the ionic conductivity of polysaccharide–protein bio-electrolyte membranes is explored in this study. Structural proteins and polysaccharides form hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions, and the resulting matrices can exhibit novel and useful properties. However, transforming these natural biomacromolecules from their native state to a more usable form…
25 November 2019
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Effect of side methyl from mixed diamine chain extenders on microphase separation and morphology of polyurethane fiber

You, Gexin; Wang, Jiaqi; Wang, Chunyan; Zhou, Xulin; Zhou, Xiuwen; Liu, Lina

Polyurethane fiber (PUF) can be used as self-adaptive material in the field of nuclear physics and its properties depended on the molecular structure. To explore the effect of side methyl on its degree of microphase separation (DPS) and morphology for PUF, ethanediamine and 1,2-propylene diamine with different molar ratio were…
25 November 2019
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Electrospun PCL-protein scaffolds coated by pyrrole plasma polymerization

Cruz, Yeyzon; Muñoz, Efrén; Gomez-Pachón, E. Y.; Morales-Corona, Juan; Olayo-Lortia, Jesús; Olayo, Roberto; Olayo-Valles, Roberto

Polymeric scaffolds prepared from polycaprolactone (PCL), PCL-collagen and PCL-elastin were prepared by electrospinning. The scaffolds were coated by plasma polymerization of pyrrole doped with iodine, to improve cellular adhesion and fibroblast proliferation. The morphology, composition, and crystalline structure of the scaffolds were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM),…
25 November 2019
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Tuning the properties of electrospun polylactide mats by ethanol treatment

Pavlova, Elizaveta R.; Bagrov, Dmitry V.; Monakhova, Kristina Z.; Piryazev, Alexey A.; Sokolova, Anastasia I.; Ivanov, Dimitri A.; Klinov, Dmitry V.

In the present work, we analyzed the changes in structure and mechanical properties of electrospun PLA mats induced by ethanol treatment. The amorphous PLA mats gained elasticity when immersed into ethanol (the elongation at break increased from ?~50% in air to ?~280% in ethanol) and partly retained it after drying…
21 October 2019
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Determination of the packing model of a supramolecular nanofiber via mass-per-length measurement and de novo simulation

Yao, Qingxin; Bao, Qiang; Li, Xinming; Wang, Hui; Yang, Zhenyu; Shi, Xinghua; Gao, Yuan; Xu, Bing

Herein, we report an example of using scanning transmission electron microscopy to determine the mass-per-length of supramolecular nanofibers. Together with the measurement of the diameter of nanofibers via transmission electron microscopy, we could estimate the packing density of assembling molecules along the nanofibers. A parallel unbiased de novo simulation screens…
12 March 2019
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Strong synergistic improvement of mechanical properties in HDPE/COC blends with fibrillar morphology

Ostafinska, Aleksandra; Vackova, Tatana; Slouf, Miroslav

High-density polyethylene/cycloolefin copolymer (HDPE/COC) blends with fibrous morphology were prepared. Mechanical properties in the whole concentration range were measured in both macroscale (tensile measurements) and microscale (microindentation hardness testing). Strong improvement of mechanical performance was observed namely for the blends with soft HDPE matrix reinforced with the stiff…
12 March 2019
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Scalable, anisotropic transparent paper directly from wood for light management in solar cells

Jia, Chao; Li, Tian; Chen, Chaoji; Dai, Jiaqi; Kierzewski, Iain Michael; Song, Jianwei; Li, Yiju; Yang, Chunpeng; Wang, Chengwei; Hu, Liangbing

The growing demand for flexible electronics and solar energy conversion devices has fueled a search for high-quality paper-based materials with excellent mechanical flexibility and optical properties such as high transparency and haze. Despite the tremendous efforts have been dedicated to developing paper-based materials with high transparency or high haze, challenges…
12 March 2019