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Until now, SAXS measurements on biological samples were limited to synchrotron facilities or low throughput laboratory setups requiring large sample volumes. The BioXolver with its unique features overcomes these limitations. It offers:

  • High quality data

  • Full automation of multi-sample measurements and data analysis

  • The capability to work reliably with very small volumes of sample

  • Best of all, this capability is available right in your lab, allowing you to shorten your development cycle and accelerate your bio-structural research

SAXS Protein Characterization

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Discovering macromolecular shape and interactions

Using Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), the BioXolver collects structural information on biological samples.

The BioXolver can obtain key structural parameters, such as:

  • radius of gyration
  • molecular weight
  • maximum intra-particle distance
  • degree of folding
  • low-resolution 3D protein shape.

Key benefits & features

High quality SAXS data in the lab

High throughput measurements and results

Low sample volume consumption

In-line SEC and UV-Vis combined with SAXS – also in the lab!


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Size-exclusion chromatography small-angle X-ray scattering of water soluble proteins on a laboratory instrument
S. Bucciarelli, S. R. Midtgaard, M. Nors Pedersen, S. Skou, L. Arleth and B. Vestergaard
Molecular architecture of the Jumonji C family histone demethylase KDM5B
J. Dorosz, L. Hyltoft Kristensen, N. G. Aduri, O. Mirza, R. Lousen, S. Bucciarelli, V. Mehta, S. Sellés-Baiget, S. M. Øie Solbak, A. Bach, P. Mesa, P. Alcon Hernandez, G. Montoya, T. T. T. N. Nguyen, K. D. Rand, T. Boesen & M. Gajhede

SAXS Protein Characterization

Saxs Instrument BioXolver

Saxs Instrument BioXolver – Protein Characterization In The Lab

Saxs Instrument BioXolver – Low Volume, High Automation – Laboratory Instrument With Robotic Arm To Work 24/7 – SEC-SAXS Compatible