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Adduct modified nano-clay mineral dispersed polystyrene nanocomposites as advanced corrosion resistance coatings for aluminum alloys

Raju, Annu; Lakshmi, V.; Vishnu Prataap, R. K.; Resmi, V. G.; Rajan, T. P. D.; Pavithran, C.; Prasad, V. S.; Mohan, S.

The present investigation is on processing of a series of clay polystyrene nanocomposite (CPS) coatings containing different adduct modified montmorillonite (Mt) for corrosion resistance coating applications. The corrosion properties were studied using potentiodynamic and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements in 3.5wt% aqueous NaCl electrolyte. The CPS coatings offered enhancedÂ…
12 March 2019
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Amino-functionalized breath-figure cavities in polystyrene–alumina hybrid films: effect of particle concentration and dispersion

V, Lakshmi; Raju, Annu; G, Resmi V.; Pancrecious, Jerin K.; D, Rajan T. P.; C, Pavithran

We report the formation of breath-figure (BF) patterns with amino-functionalized cavities in a BF incompatible polystyrene (PS) by incorporating functionalized alumina nanoparticles. The particles were amphiphilic-modified and the modifier ratio was regulated to achieve a specific hydrophobic/hydrophilic balance of the particles. The influence of the physical and chemical properties of…
12 March 2019