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Shear alignment of Pluronic block copolymers

The structural evolution of P123 Pluronics was monitored and analyzed through shearSAXS measurements performed with the Xenocs Couette stage Poloxamers, also known under commercial names as Pluronics®, Synperonics® or Kolliphor® are a class of synthetic triblock copolymers that are composed of polyethylene oxide (PEO) and polypropylene oxide (PPO) blocks. They…
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Protein-protein interactions – from in vivo functionality to pharmaceutics and food science

Salt concentration and pH impact were studied on lysozyme and BSA systems respectively by investigating various parameters (osmotic second virial coefficient, folding state and 3D shape). Protein-protein interactions are relevant for various biological processes, such as transcription and signal transduction, but also for protein crystallization, stability and shelf-life of pharmaceutical…
19 March 2019
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High throughput protein envelope determination

3D envelopes were determined from an automated sequence of measurements including 3 different proteins with low volume and dilute solutions. Small-angle X-ray scattering is complementary to other structural biology techniques. It provides reliable information on the shape of proteins in solution and associated parameters including macromolecule interactions and dynamics. Reliability of the…
14 March 2019