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The field of nanotechnology has seen a steady increase in interest from both public research institutions and commercial companies over the last two decades . Nowadays nanomaterials find applications in a plethora of sectors from biomedicine to microelectronics, food science and agriculture. These materials exhibit different electronic, optical, mechanical and…
28 January 2023
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Is laboratory SAXS a proven technique?

Over the last two decades small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) has seen a rise in popularity driven by the improved brightness and collimation of 3rd generation synchrotron beams as well as upgrades in detection systems. However, recent technical advances in laboratory X-ray sources, hybrid pixel detection systems and improved analysis…
19 January 2023
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How does moisture affect the nanostructure of wood?

The last decades have seen an increase in climate protection awareness as well as significant advances in bio-based nanotechnology. Therefore, given the stringent sustainability requirements, wood-based nanomaterials have found applications in numerous fields such as energy, biomedicine, construction or as a replacement for petroleum-based polymers . Nonetheless, the performance of…
22 December 2022
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2022 AIChE Annual Meeting

13 - 18 November 2022. Xenocs will attend the 2022 AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Annual Meeting from 13 to 18 November 2022 in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Come and meet us at our booth #618 to discuss about our latest SAXS in the lab solutions.
10 November 2022