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Adduct modified nano-clay mineral dispersed polystyrene nanocomposites as advanced corrosion resistance coatings for aluminum alloys

Raju, Annu; Lakshmi, V.; Vishnu Prataap, R. K.; Resmi, V. G.; Rajan, T. P. D.; Pavithran, C.; Prasad, V. S.; Mohan, S.

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Applied Clay Science, 2016, vol 126, pp. 81-88



The present investigation is on processing of a series of clay polystyrene nanocomposite (CPS) coatings containing different adduct modified montmorillonite (Mt) for corrosion resistance coating applications. The corrosion properties were studied using potentiodynamic and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements in 3.5wt% aqueous NaCl electrolyte. The CPS coatings offered enhanced corrosion protection for Aluminum 6061 alloy even at high clay loading (20wt%). The order of their protection efficiency was CPS-AMt>Pristine PS>Pristine Na+-Mt. Dispersion of Mt in the polystyrene matrix resulted in significant improvement of properties such as corrosion protection, optical clarity, electrical conductivity and thermal stability.

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