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A highly transparent and ultra-stretchable conductor with stable conductivity during large deformation

Lei, Zhouyue; Wu, Peiyi

By 25 November 2019No Comments

Nature Communications, 2019, vol 10, 1, pp. 43474



Intrinsically stretchable conductors have undergone rapid development in the past few years
and a variety of strategies have been established to improve their electro-mechanical
properties. However, ranging from electronically to ionically conductive materials, they are
usually vulnerable either to large deformation or at high/low temperatures, mainly due to the
fact that conductive domains are generally incompatible with neighboring elastic networks.
This is a problem that is usually overlooked and remains challenging to address. Here, we
introduce synergistic effect between conductive zwitterionic nanochannels and dynamic
hydrogen-bonding networks to break the limitations. The conductor is highly transparent
(>90% transmittance), ultra-stretchable (>10,000% strain), high-modulus (>2 MPa Young’s
modulus), self-healing, and capable of maintaining stable conductivity during large deformation
and at different temperatures. Transparent integrated systems are further demonstrated
via 3D printing of its precursor and could achieve diverse sensory capabilities towards
strain, temperature, humidity, etc., and even recognition of different liquids.

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