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Tailoring the Hydrophobicity of Mesoporous Organosilica for Protein Trapping and Supported Catalysis

Osta, Oriana; Bombled, Marianne; Partouche, David; Gallier, Florian; Lubin-Germain, Nadège; Brodie-Linder, Nancy; Alba-Simionesco, Christiane

By 25 November 2019No Comments

arXiv:1904.05666 [cond-mat], 2019,



We propose a method to enhance lysozyme trapping and supported-Copper catalysis when confined in organosilica materials. The direct synthesis presented here allows the control of the silica surface hydrophobicity by uniform introduction of methyl or phenyl groups. As a result, the lysozyme trapping is observed to be 3.2 times more efficient with the phenyl-functionalized material than MCM-41. For heterogeneous catalysis, Copper was immobilized on the new organosilica surface. In this case, the presence of methyl groups significantly enhanced the product yield for the catalyzed synthesis of a triazole derivative. This method opens a new route of synthesis where the material properties can be adjusted and dedicated to a specific application.

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