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Kinetics-controlled synthesis of hierarchically porous materials with tunable properties from diverse building blocks

Xie, Lei; Wang, Zhe; Liu, Jinrong; Gong, Yutong; Mao, Shanjun; Lü, Guofeng; Ma, Xiao; Yu, Lili; Wang, Yong

Carbon, 2019, vol 155, pp. 611-617



The easy hydrothermal method is a potential candidate for the preparation of carbohydrate-derived hierarchically porous polymers (HPPs) and carbons (HPCs). However, owing to the uncontrolled reaction rate and the weak affinity between precursors and soft templates, the synthesis of HPPs and HPCs with tunable properties through this method remains a great challenge. Here we develop a kinetics-controlled soft-template strategy to enable the preparation of a series of HPPs and HPCs with variable porous and morphological structures from diverse building blocks. By simply controlling the reaction kinetics with the change of acid concentration, flower-like and layered materials assembled from ordered mesoporous plates, and materials with adjustable mesopores and macropores aggregated from nanoparticles with different sizes, could be generated. Moreover, Pt nanoparticles were in situ encapsulated inside HPPs. With the advantages of both Pt nanoparticles and HPCs, the as made Pt@HPCs catalyst realized the size-selective hydrogenation of various alkenes.

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