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Direct modification of polyketone resin for anion exchange membrane of alkaline fuel cells

Zhou, Yi-Cun; Zhou, Ling; Feng, Chang-Ping; Wu, Xiao-Tian; Bao, Rui-Ying; Liu, Zheng-Ying; Yang, Ming-Bo; Yang, Wei

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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2019, vol 556pp. 420-431



A kind of side-chain type anion exchange membranes (AEMs) with high ionic conductivity and good comprehensive stability was prepared via direct modification of commercial engineering plastic polyketone with diamines through Paal-Knorr reaction and quaternization reaction. It was found that the amount of diamine can effectively tune the microphase morphology and properties of the prepared quaternized functionalized-polyketone anion exchange membranes (QAFPK-AEMs). The tensile strength was increased from 18.6?MPa to 38.6?MPa, and the ion exchange capacity (IEC) was increased from 1.11?mmol/g to 2.71?mmol/g depending on the amount of added diamine. The QAFPK-1-6-AEM with the IEC of 1.43?mmol/g showed the highest hydroxide conductivity of 65?mS/cm at 25?°C and 96.8 mS/cm at 80?°C. The high ionic conductivity was achieved through the establishment of effective ionic channels, and it maintained 70% of the initial ionic conductivity after the 192?h treatment in 2?mol/L KOH (aq) at 80?°C. Moreover, a peak power density of 129?mW/cm2 was achieved when the assembled single cell with QAFPK-1-6-AEM was operated at 50?°C. Thus, the prepared QAFPK-AEMs showed great potential applications for the anion exchange membrane fuel cells (AEMFCs).

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