Xeuss 2.0 HR SAXS/WAXS instrument at The Pennsylvania State University

The Materials Characterization lab at the Pennsylvania State University's Materials Research Institute recently purchased a Xeuss 2.0 HR SAXS/WAXS system equipped with a Pilatus3 200K detector and SWAXS module to replace their current X-ray scattering instrument installed ten years ago. The instrument will be used to expand the characterization capabilities…
4 November 2016

In-situ SWAXS measurements in the lab are proving their worth

We at Xenocs see a growing interest from our user community for performing environmental studies with in-situ, simultaneous SAXS and WAXS measurements (SWAXS). Of course, synchrotron experiments are necessary for studying extremely fast dynamics (a second or less). However, a large range of useful experiments seem possible in the laboratory…
8 July 2016

Xeuss 2.0 HR equipment – installation & training at Sichuan University

The Xeuss 2.0 HR SAXS/WAXS system was installed in May 2016 at the State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China. After the installation, theoretical & practical training was delivered on site. While theoretical training is open to a large number of attendees - around eighty students attended…
28 June 2016

ISIS neutron source chose the Nano-inXider from Xenocs

The Nano-inXider SAXS/WAXS system from Xenocs was installed at the beginning of the month at the ISIS neutron source situated at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory of the Science and Technology Facilities Council, Oxfordshire, UK. The equipment will be used by hundreds of users coming to ISIS to characterize their samples, which covers…
12 May 2016