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Evolution of morphology and open-circuit voltage in alloy-energy transfer coexisting ternary organic solar cells

Xia, Benzheng; Yuan, Liu; Zhang, Jianqi; Wang, Zaiyu; Fang, Jin; Zhao, Yifan; Deng, Dan; Ma, Wei; Lu, Kun; Wei, Zhixiang

The oligomer-type small molecule PDT2FBT-ID is applied in a polymer/small molecule/fullerene ternary system. The PTB7-Th/PDT2FBT-ID/PC71BM ternary active layer shows complementary absorption spectra, enhanced face-on orientation and energy transfer properties. Compared to the binary system, the FF of the ternary system is improved from 66.72% to 76.14% and the Jsc is…
12 March 2019
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Efficient perovskite photovoltaic devices using chemically doped PCDTBT as a hole-transport material

Wong-Stringer, Michael; Bishop, James E.; Smith, Joel A.; Mohamad, David K.; Parnell, Andrew J.; Kumar, Vikas; Rodenburg, Cornelia; Lidzey, David G.

It is shown that by chemically doping the carbazole-based conjugated polymer PCDTBT using the molecular materials TBP, LiTFSI and FK209, its conductivity can be increased by a factor of 105 times. Such doped PCDTBT films are used as a hole transport material (HTM) for standard architecture (CH(NH2)2PbI3)0.85(CH3NH3PbBr3)0.15 perovskite solar cells…
12 March 2019