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Amino-functionalized breath-figure cavities in polystyrene–alumina hybrid films: effect of particle concentration and dispersion

V, Lakshmi; Raju, Annu; G, Resmi V.; Pancrecious, Jerin K.; D, Rajan T. P.; C, Pavithran

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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016, vol 18, 10, pp. 7367-7373



We report the formation of breath-figure (BF) patterns with amino-functionalized cavities in a BF incompatible polystyrene (PS) by incorporating functionalized alumina nanoparticles. The particles were amphiphilic-modified and the modifier ratio was regulated to achieve a specific hydrophobic/hydrophilic balance of the particles. The influence of the physical and chemical properties of the particles like particle concentration, the hydrophobic/hydrophilic balance, etc., on particle dispersion in solvents having different polarity and the corresponding changes in the BF patterns have been studied. The amphiphilic-modified alumina particles could successfully assist the BF mechanism, generating uniform patterns in polystyrene films with the cavity walls decorated with the functionalized alumina particles, even from water-miscible solvents like THF. The possibility of fabricating free-standing micropatterned films by casting and drying the suspension under ambient conditions was also demonstrated. The present method opens up a simple route for producing functionalized BF cavities, which can be post-modified by a chemical route for various biological applications.

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