Xenocs Couette stage for shearSAXS

The microstructure of soft matter materials can easily be modified under applied shear stress. Beyond macrostructural analysis, observing how the sample’s molecular structure changes under deformation can be essential to better understand the dynamics of materials and develop new materials functions.

The Xenocs Couette stage for shearSAXS is made for X-ray scattering studies of soft materials under temperature-controlled shear flow. It was developed for use on the Xeuss 3.0 SAXS/WAXS instrument to expand further its measurement capabilities.

Complement your rheological studies with nanostructural information

The Couette stage complements nicely rheological measurements with nanostructural characterization under mechanical strain measured in optimized X-ray conditions.

Discover how the structural evolution of a high-concentration cellulose nanocrystals system under varying shear rates is perfectly described using the Xenocs Couette stage showing excellent agreement with rheoSAXS measurements.

Key benefits of the Xenocs Couette stage for shearSAXS

  • X-ray structural characterization of samples at the nanoscale during shearing experiments over a broad viscosity range

  • Smooth sample loading and low sample volume requirements

  • Nanostructure characterization either parallel or perpendicular to the flow direction, with automatic change of measurement plane (enabled by the cylindrical Couette stage design)

Learn more about features and specifications

Xenocs Couette stage is designed to handle both liquids and viscous samples under high shear rates during X-ray measurements.

It uses both a stator sleeve and a rotor cup made of low-scattering polycarbonate material for an efficient acquisition of X-ray scattering data.

Measurements both along tangential and rotor radial directions are available, with a motorized change of configuration so that the nanostructure can be analyzed parallel and perpendicular to the flow direction respectively.

The rather compact design of this type of shearing device enables a safe and straightforward installation on the Xeuss 3.0.

Typical specifications of the Xenocs Couette stage for shearSAXS are:

  • Temperature range: +10°C to +65°C
  • Shear rate: 0.2 s-1 to 1020 s-1

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