New: InXight DF-PCI X-ray imaging module

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Reveal nanostructure differences, interfaces and orientation with InXight DF-PCI option for the Xeuss 3.0 SAXS/WAXS instrument

InXight X-ray imaging module option for the Xeuss 3.0 instrument provides an X-ray image of sample’s microstructure over large dimensions to be combined with X-ray scattering information collected on the same sample in the X-ray scattering measurement configuration.

InXight is now available with Dark-field and Phase-Contrast imaging option providing separate imaging components in addition to attenuation image (related to sample density). With the additional phase shifts image (sensitive to interfaces) and dark field and orientational dark field (indicating the presence and orientation of nanostructures) InXight DF-PCI enhances the understanding of samples with low attenuation contrast. The additional imaging modalities extend the capabilities of InXight for coupled imaging and scattering experiments on complex samples such as composites, fibers, engineered polymers.