InXight X-ray imaging module

InXight is an X-ray imaging module option for the Xeuss 3.0 offering a fast and automatic switch between X-ray scattering measurements and X-ray radiography.

It expands the capabilities of the Xeuss 3.0 instrument to length scales from Ångströms to millimeters.

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Get the bigger picture on your samples

Development of polymers, foams, composites, biomaterials for new applications require not only the understanding of their material structure but also evaluating the impact of manufacturing processes and conditions of use. By measuring the macrostructure of processed or heterogenous materials, in combination with the Xeuss 3.0 scattering measurements, InXight module helps understanding the relationship between macrostructural  heterogeneities and nano- or atomic-structure.

The large field of view of the X-ray image and its resolution down to tens of microns is ideal for selecting points of interest for local scattering measurements.

Through the fast switching of measurement configuration, InXight enables operando dynamic studies while collecting both X-ray images and X-ray scattering patterns.

Typical materials for analysis include polymers, composites, glasses, or thin inorganic samples.

Automatic and fast switch of X-ray sources between scattering and imaging

InXight patent-pending measuring configuration includes an X-ray imaging source producing a cone-shaped beam to illuminate samples positioned on the Xeuss 3.0 sample stage with a large field of view and project the X-ray transmission image on the Q-Xoom detector.

Motorized and fast switch of X-ray sources ensure automatic sequential X-ray scattering and X-ray imaging on the same sample.

InXight X-ray imaging module

With InXight X-ray imaging module for Xeuss 3.0:

  • Access structural information of your samples from Å to mm
  • Target with imaging and probe with scattering
  • Monitor the evolution of your sample in SAXS/WAXS together with X-ray imaging during operando studies

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