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Xenocs announces new distribution agreement with Oxford Cryosystems Services LLC

By 12 February 2011April 6th, 2019No Comments

Xenocs announced today that it has signed an agreement with Oxford Cryosystems Services LLC (OCSLLC), the independent sales and service organization for Oxford Cryosystems in North and South America, for the distribution of its x-ray optics and beam delivery systems to North and South America.

Xenocs product offerings integrate well with those already represented by OCSLLC in several key market segments. Both the x-ray crystallography and powder diffraction markets require advanced x-ray optics of x-ray beam delivery systems for generating high quality data and low temperature systems for controlling the sample temperature, and OCSLLC has a strong presence in both of these markets.

This distribution agreement is a great opportunity to expand our activity in North and South America”, said Frédéric Bossan, Executive Vice President of Xenocs. “Oxford Cryosystems Services LLC strong position in the market will allow us to better serve our customers through the strong support and close contact that Liz has in these markets”.

This is an exciting opportunity for Oxford Cryosystems Services LLC to expand our offerings with such a complimentary product line,” said Liz Carter, President of OCSLLC. “We look forward to being able to offer our customers these additional high-performance and industry-leading products, and serving them even better by being able to provide more of the instrumentation and unsurpassed service that they need in order to accomplish their research goals”.

Effective March 1, researchers in North and South America can place orders or make inquiries about Xenocs products and services by contacting Oxford Cryosystems Services LLC directly by :

About Oxford Cryosystems Services LLC

Oxford Cryosystems Services LLC provides technical sales and service representation for manufacturers looking to increase their presence in North & South America. OCSLLC is based just north of Boston in Salem, MA and was founded in 2010. OCSLLC is run by Liz Carter, formerly President of Oxford Cryosystems Inc. OCSLLC was created by Liz in order to keep providing outstanding sales and technical support to Oxford Cryosystems customers in North and South America, when Oxford Cryosystems Inc ceased their activities. Liz Carter has been marketing, selling and servicing analytical X-ray instrumentation internationally for 15 years.