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Thermally cross-linked diaminophenylindane (DAPI) containing polyimides for membrane based gas separations

Dose, Michelle E.; Chwatko, Malgorzata; Hubacek, Ivo; Lynd, Nathaniel A.; Paul, Donald R.; Freeman, Benny D.

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Polymer, 2019, vol 161pp. 16-26



This study aims to expand structure-property relationships of diaminophenylindane (DAPI)-containing polyimides and the influence of thermal cross-linking on gas transport properties of such materials. A polyimide synthesized from hexafluoroisopropylidene diphthalic anhydride (6FDA), DAPI, and diaminobenzoic acid (DABA) in a molar ratio of 0.5/0.33/0.17, 6FDA0.5-DAPI0.33/DABA0.17, was crosslinked by thermal decarboxylation. After cross-linking, pure gas permeability of 6FDA0.5-DAPI0.33/DABA0.17 increased with increased cross-linking time; gas permeability increased by about 30% after cross-linking at 353 °C for 40 min. This increase in permeability correlated with an increase in d-spacing measured by wide angle x-ray scattering, suggesting an increase in inter-chain spacing upon cross-linking. Minimal changes in O2/N2 and N2/CH4 selectivities occurred with increased thermal cross-linking time for 6FDA0.5-DAPI0.33/DABA0.17. However, CO2/CH4 and C2H4/C2H6 pure gas selectivities increased with thermal treatment, suggesting a potential narrowing of free volume distribution.

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