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Thermal-Induced Denaturation and Aggregation Behavior of Lysozyme and Bovine Serum Albumin: a Thermodynamic and Structural Study

Perez, Aline Sanches; Oliveira, Cristiano Luis Pinto

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Brazilian Journal of Physics, 2017, vol 47, 5, pp. 524-531



Solution studies permit a direct investigation of the particles on a well-defined environment. Fluorescence, circular dichroism, scattering, and calorimetry provide, individually, very important information among the protein structure, overall shape, and thermodynamic equilibrium. In this work, a combination of these techniques is presented for the study of denaturation induced by temperature of two well-known proteins, Henn Egg lysozyme and bovine serum albumin. A detailed thermodynamic and structural investigation is shown for these proteins, providing interesting information on the thermal-induced changes in the protein structure and aggregation behavior.

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