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The Influence of Space Restriction on the Mechanical Properties of Isotactic Polypropylene/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Injection Bars

Yao, Guibin; Fang, Yuwei; Chi, Enyi; Bao, Jinbiao; Zhang, Li; Li, Yiguo; Zhang, Jianqiang; Wang, Zongbao

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Polymer Science, Series A, 2018, vol 60, 5, pp. 663-670



Isotactic polypropylene (iPP)/reduced graphene oxide (RGO) nanocomposite bars were prepared by injection molding and the effects of RGO on the iPP matrix were investigated via differential scanning calorimetry, two dimensional wide angle X-ray diffraction (2D WAXD) and small angle X-ray scattering (2D SAXS) techniques. It is demonstrated that RGO is an effective nucleation agent for iPP and the incorporation of RGO can enhance the degree of orientation of iPP crystals at flow direction. Furthermore, the orientation of iPP chains at flow direction intensifies with the increase of RGO contents, which can be attributed to that RGO obstructed the motion of orientated polymer chains. Although the enhancement effect is weaker than that of High density polyethylene (HDPE)/RGO nanocomposites with epitaxial crystallization, the mechanical properties of iPP/RGO nanocomposites can also be improved apparently.

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