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Structure–Properties Relations for Polyamide 6, Part 1: Influence of the Thermal History during Compression Moulding on Deformation and Failure Kinetics

Parodi, Emanuele; Peters, Gerrit W. M.; Govaert, Leon E.

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Polymers, 2018, vol 10, 7, pp. 710



The deformation and failure kinetics of polyamide 6 samples prepared by several thermal histories were investigated by tests at different temperatures and relative humidities. PA6 samples were produced in quiescent condition and multiple cooling procedure. A characterization was performed to investigate the effect of the different thermal histories and the effect of hydration on both structures and glass transition temperature. The mechanical properties were investigated by tensile and creep tests at different temperatures and relative humidity. In order to describe the experimental results, the Ree–Eyring equation, modified with the “apparent temperature”, was employed. In addition, the results of time-to-failure (creep tests) were described by the use of the “critical strain” concept. Eventually, a link between the Eyring theory and the structure evolution was made, i.e., a relation between the rate factors and the average lamellar thickness.

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