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Plant-crafted starches for bioplastics production

Sagnelli, Domenico; Hebelstrup, Kim H.; Leroy, Eric; Rolland-Sabaté, Agnès; Guilois, Sophie; Kirkensgaard, Jacob J. K.; Mortensen, Kell; Lourdin, Denis; Blennow, Andreas

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Carbohydrate Polymers, 2016, vol 152pp. 398-408



Transgenically-produced amylose-only (AO) starch was used to manufacture bioplastic prototypes. Extruded starch samples were tested for crystal residues, elasticity, glass transition temperature, mechanical properties, molecular mass and microstructure. The AO starch granule crystallinity was both of the B- and Vh-type, while the isogenic control starch was mainly A-type. The first of three endothermic transitions was attributed to gelatinization at about 60 °C. The second and third peaks were identified as melting of the starch and amylose-lipid complexes, respectively. After extrusion, the AO samples displayed Vh- and B-type crystalline structures, the B-type polymorph being the dominant one. The AO prototypes demonstrated a 6-fold higher mechanical stress at break and 2.5-fold higher strain at break compared to control starch. Dynamic mechanical analysis showed a significant increase in the storage modulus (E′) for AO samples compared to the control. The data support the use of pure starch-based bioplastics devoid of non-polysaccharide fillers.

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