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pH-driven preparation of small, non-aggregated micelles for ultra-stretchable and tough hydrogels

Yu, Xiaofeng; Qin, Zezhao; Wu, Haiyang; Lv, Hongying; Yang, Xiaoniu

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Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018, vol 342pp. 357-363



Hydrogels based on deformable micelle crosslinkings can form self-adjustable homogeneous network, which is the critical factor in improving mechanical properties. However, it is a great challenge to prepare these micelle cross-linkings simultaneously with small size and uniform distribution. In this work, the uniform micelle cross-linkings with diameters <20 nm have been firstly achieved by simply regulating pH value from 7 to 7.5. The resultant hydrogel shows homogenous network, thus outstanding strength and toughness with a fracture stress of 0.94 MPa, a fracture strain of 2950% and a toughness of 7.2 MJ m−3, as well as excellent resilience. This strategy is expected to open a new way to achieve self-adjustable homogeneous network for hydrogel with excellent mechanical properties.

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