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By 23 December 2019No Comments

By Eric Danger, Customer Support Engineer at Xenocs.

Years go by and it is with quite some emotion that I came back to Bielefeld University in Germany last week for a change of X-ray tube on the very first Xeuss I installed when I joined Xenocs in the Autumn of 2013…

The X-ray tube had been running for the last six years without any failure on a Xeuss SAXS/WAXS instrument which is used 24/7!

On a human level, as many as four PhD students succeeded each other working on the Xeuss in Thomas Hellweg’ s team: Frank Lüdel, Ramsia Geisler, then Carina Dargel and now Esteban Vazquez.

By sheer chance, precisely last week on the day I was there, it was celebration day in the Chemistry department. Carina Dargel defended her thesis in the field of the interaction of chemical components of chestnuts and licorice with biological model membranes.

For this occasion, Carina’s colleagues had made a scale model of the Xeuss for her before she leaves for new horizons.

Best wishes to you Carina!


Xeuss U Bielefeld