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New Approach to Optimize Mechanical Properties of the Immiscible Polypropylene/Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) Blend: Effect of Shish-Kebab and Core-Shell Structure

Wang, Yingxiong; Mi, Dashan; Delva, Laurens; Cardon, Ludwig; Zhang, Jie; Ragaert, Kim

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Polymers, 2018, vol 10, 10, pp. 1094



Improving the mechanical properties of immiscible PP/PET blend is of practical significance especially in the recycling process of multi-layered plastic solid waste. In this work, a multi-flow vibration injection molding technology (MFVIM) was hired to convert the crystalline morphology of the PP matrix from spherulite into shish-kebab. POE–g–MA was added as compatibilizer, and results showed that the compatibilization effect consisted in the formation of a core-shell structure by dispersing the POE–g–MA into the PP matrix to encapsulate the PET. It was found that the joint action of shish-kebab crystals and spherical core-shell structure enabled excellent mechanical performance with a balance of strength and toughness for samples containing 10 wt % PET and 4 wt % POE–g–MA, of which the yield strength and impact strengths were 50.87 MPa and 13.71 kJ/m2, respectively. This work demonstrates a new approach to optimize mechanical properties of immiscible PP/PET blends, which is very meaningful for the effective recycling of challenging plastic wastes.

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