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Washington, DC, USA

The Nanoscale Materials Characterization symposiumВ of NANOTECH 2016 is co-chaired by Greg Haugstadt from the University of Minnesota, Dalia Yablon from SurfaceChar LLC & Pierre Panine from Xenocs.

Among the many sessions & talks, we do highlight & recommend the ones below for their focus on the SAXS/WAXS technique and their broad range of nanomaterials investigated.


  • Monday May 23

1:30 В  Session : “Characterization for Bio/Pharma Applications”

В  В  В  В  В  Session chair : Dalia Yablon, SurfaceChar LLC
В  В  В  В  В  Location : National Harbor 13

3:25 В В Incorporation study of Escin in DMPC vesicles by scattering methodsВ (invited presentation)
В  В  В  В  В  R. Sreij, C. Dargel and T. Hellweg,В Bielefeld University, DE


  • Tuesday May 24

1:30 В  Session : “Nanoparticle Characterization I”

В  В  В  В  В  Session ChairВ  : Pierre Panine, Xenocs, FR
В  В  В  В  В  LocationВ : National Harbor 13

1:30 В В Coping with the EU nano-definition: abilities and limitations of particle sizing with SAXSВ (invited presentation)
В  В  В  В В B.R. Pauw,В Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), DE

1:55 В В Synchrotron X-ray scattering: the reference for high-resolution nanoparticle characterizationВ (invited presentation)
В  В  В  В  В E. Capria, M. Sztucki, N. Theyencher,В European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, FR


  • Wednesday May 25

8:30 В  Session : “Characterization : Solution providers”

В  В  В  В  В  Session ChairВ  : Pierre Panine, Xenocs, FR
В  В  В  В  В  LocationВ : Potomac 5

8:30 В  Getting the inside view of nanomaterials with a SAXS/WAXS instrumentВ (invited presentation)
В  В В  В  В  F. Bossan, P. Panine, S. Rodrigues,В Xenocs, FR