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Nanostructured SBA-15 silica: An effective protective vehicle to oral hepatitis B vaccine immunization

Scaramuzzi, Karina; Tanaka, Gabriela D.; Neto, Francisco Mariano; Garcia, Paulo R. A. F.; Gabrili, Joel J. M.; Oliveira, Denise C. A.; Tambourgi, Denise V.; Mussalem, Juliana S.; Paixão-Cavalcante, Danielle; D’Azeredo Orlando, Marcos T.; Botosso, Viviane F.; Oliveira, Cristiano L. P.; Fantini, Márcia C. A.; Sant’Anna, Osvaldo A.

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Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 2016, vol 12, 8, pp. 2241-2250



Due to its physicochemical properties, nanostructured mesoporous SBA-15 silica shows great potential as a vaccine adjuvant. This study evaluated the capacity of SBA-15 to encapsulate/adsorb the recombinant purified HBsAg from the Hepatitis B virus and the immunoresponsiveness of mice orally immunized with HBsAg inside SBA-15. A simulation of small angle X-ray scattering experimental results, together with the nitrogen adsorption isotherms data, allowed to determine the appropriate mass ratio of HBsAg:SBA-15, indicating antigen encapsulation into SBA-15 macroporosity. This was also evaluated by bicinchoninic acid assay and gel electrophoresis. The recruitment of inflammatory cells, an increase in production of specific antibodies, and the non-influence of silica on TH1 or TH2 polarization were observed after oral immunization. Besides, SBA-15 enhanced the phagocytosis of ovalbumin by dendritic cells, an important key to prove how this adjuvant works. Thus, it seems clear that the nanostructured SBA-15 is an effective and safe adjuvant for oral immunizations.

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