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Mechanically robust conductive carbon clusters confined ethylene methyl acrylate–based flexible composites for superior shielding effectiveness

Bhawal, Poushali; Ganguly, Sayan; Das, Tushar Kanti; Mondal, Subhadip; Das, N. C.

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Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2018, vol 29, 1, pp. 95-110



Arresting of conducting carbon black into polymeric matrix to develop flexible and light weight composite has been a widely practiced platform. Extensive development of telecommunication creates a major vexations regarding radiation pollution. Thereafter, we have been motivated to develop low-cost, flexible composites of specialty carbon black VXC (Vulcan XC 72)–filled ethylene methyl acrylate (EMA) by mechanical mixing technique. Developed composite has significant conductivity (6.67 × 10−4 S cm−1) with promising mechanical and thermal properties. Dispersion of high-structured carbon blacks in EMA was investigated by small angle X-ray scattering to reflect the dependency of conducting mesh formation on dispersion. Interconnected filler network development has been visualized by field emission scanning electron microscope and high-resolution transmission electron microscope. Electromagnetic interference shielding value in the X band has calculated to be 30.8 dB. Such features can make this EVXC (EMA-Vulcan XC 72) composite a useful alternate for flexible electromagnetic interference shielding material.

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