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Hydrazinium-loaded perovskite solar cells with enhanced performance and stability

Akbulatov, Azat F.; Frolova, Lyubov A.; Anokhin, Denis V.; Gerasimov, Kirill L.; Dremova, Nadezhda N.; Troshin, Pavel A.

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Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2016, vol 4, 47, pp. 18378-18382



In this study, we investigated the effects of partial substitution of methylammonium (MA) with hydrazinium (HA) cations on the optical properties, film morphology, crystal structure and photovoltaic performance of the hybrid perovskites MA1−xHAxPbI3. Planar heterojunction solar cells with an optimal hydrazinium loading demonstrated an enhanced power conversion efficiency of 11.6% and improved operation stability.

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