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High sensitivity organic inorganic hybrid X-ray detectors with direct transduction and broadband response

Thirimanne, H. M.; Jayawardena, K. D. G. I.; Parnell, A. J.; Bandara, R. M. I.; Karalasingam, A.; Pani, S.; Huerdler, J. E.; Lidzey, D. G.; Tedde, S. F.; Nisbet, A.; Mills, C. A.; Silva, S. R. P.

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Nature Communications, 2018, vol 9, 1, pp. 2926



X-ray detectors based on low-cost organic semiconductors have inherently low detector sensitivity due to poor X-ray to charge conversion and charge collection. Here, the authors demonstrate a flexible, high-sensitivity X-ray detector based on an organic bulk heterojunction-nanoparticle composite.

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