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Flow-Induced Crystallization of Polyamide-6

Massaro, R.; Roozemond, P.; D’Haese, M.; Puyvelde, P. Van

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International Polymer Processing, 2018, vol 33, 3, pp. 327-335



Flow-induced crystallization has been widely studied for a variety of polymers with the main focus on polyolefins. In this work, research has been conducted on the flow-induced crystallization of another important class of polymers, namely polyamides. Different polyamides-6 with varying molecular weight have been studied. At relatively modest values of shear rate, rheology has been used to study the kinetics of flow-induced crystallization. Typical scaling relations based on the longest relaxation time and the Rouse time – usually obtained for polyolefins – are tested for the polyamides under investigation in order to identify the different regimes of flow-induced crystallization. At high shear rates, a correct rheological signal was impossible to collect. However, the rheometer was used in this case to prepare the sample to be studied ex-situ by Wide Angle X-ray Scattering experiments to determine the onset shear rate for the formation of highly oriented shish-kebab structures.

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