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Enhanced lithium storage performance of hierarchical CuO nanomaterials with surface fractal characteristics

Li, Ang; He, Renyue; Bian, Zhuo; Song, Huaihe; Chen, Xiaohong; Zhou, Jisheng

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Applied Surface Science, 2018, vol 443pp. 382-388



Self-assembled hierarchical CuO nanostructures with fractal structures were prepared by a mild method and exhibited excellent lithium storage properties, certain of which even demonstrated a high reversible capacity of 827 mAh g−1 at a rate of 0.1 C. An interesting phenomenon was observed that the electrochemical performance varies along with the structure complexity, and the products with higher surface factal dimensions exhibited larger capability and better cyclability. Structural and electrochemical analysis methods were used to explore the lithiation kinetics of the samples and the reasons for the outstanding electrochemical performances related to the complexities of hierarchical nanostructures and the irregularities of surface and mass distribution.

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