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Chinese delegation from the Government of Suzhou visiting Xenocs in Grenoble, France

By 7 March 2024March 11th, 2024No Comments

Xenocs welcomed a Chinese delegation of ten Officials from the government of the Suzhou province last Wednesday, February 28, 2024. The event marked the signing of a cooperation agreement aimed at facilitating Xenocs’ establishment and business development in Suzhou, China.

Xenocs subsidiary in China, Xenocs China, which was previously based in Beijing moved recently offices to the Suzhou Province. The new installation underscores the company’s commitment to being closer to its customers in China and the APAC region. Xenocs Managing Director Frédéric Bossan explains: “Despite our long-standing presence in Beijing, we chose Suzhou as the location for our new subsidiary due to its proximity to many of our customers, its dynamism, attractiveness, and quality of life, which are essential elements for attracting and retaining talent. Moreover, the city is well-connected, both with major Chinese metropolises and in close proximity to several international airports, which was crucial in our decision.”

As part of this initiative, Xenocs will open an advanced application laboratory, providing demonstrations of Xenocs equipment and personalized services. “The application laboratory will play a key role in our commitment to providing quality support to our Chinese clients and expanding our markets“, Frédéric Bossan says.

Grex International Development Consultant Pierre Emmanuel Chaux and Minalogic CEO Erasmia Dupenloup were also invited and presented the economic and innovative ecosystem of Grenoble.

Xenocs remains committed to playing a positive role in strengthening international relations and contributing to mutual economic development between France and China.