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Cetyltrimethyl Ammonium Bromide Modified Kaolin as a Reinforcing Filler for Natural Rubber

Peter, Roshin; Sreelekshmi, R. V.; Menon, A. R. R.

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Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 2018, vol 26, 1, pp. 39-47



Cure characteristics, Mooney viscosity and physico-mechanical properties of natural rubber (NR) containing CTAB modified kaolin have been studied. NR mix containing 6 phr (parts per hundred part rubber) of CTAB modified kaolin showed significant increases in cure rate and state of cure as compared to gum NR compound and a mix containing the same amount of unmodified kaolin. Lower Mooney viscosity of the NR mix containing CTAB modified kaolin suggested improved processability. Reinforcing effect of CTAB modified kaolin in NR was evident from higher chemical crosslink density index, tensile modulus, hardness, tensile strength and tear strength. Besides, the NR vulcanizate containing 6 phr of CTAB modified kaolin showed lower abrasion loss and heat build-up which could be beneficial for applications such as tire treads.

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