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A lignin-derived sulphated carbon for acid catalyzed transformations of bio-derived sugars

Antonyraj, Churchil A.; Haridas, Ajit

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Catalysis Communications, 2018, vol 104pp. 101-105



Bio-ethanol plant derived crude lignin was utilized in the synthesis of carbon catalysts for the conversion of xylose in acid pretreatment liquid (APL, another by-product of bio-ethanol plant) into furfural. Also, xylose dehydration to furfural by carbon catalysts carried out in water-MIBK biphasic system showed a maximum yield of 60% furfural. In addition, a carbon catalyst modified with 1N H2SO4 was found to be highly active as concentrated acids reported earlier in the open literature. Only a small part of the total crude lignin from the bio-ethanol plant was utilized in this manner. Further research is necessary on the valorization of remaining crude lignin waste.

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