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Pressure-Driven Solvent Transport and Complex Ion Permeation through Graphene Oxide Membranes

Wang, Kai; Ausri, Irfani R.; Chu, Kyle A.; Seddon, Annela; Tang, Xiaowu (Shirley)

In this paper, an in-depth investigation of three graphene oxide (GO) based membranes—pure GO, Al3+ intercalated GO (Al-GO), and poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) modified GO (PEG-GO)—is presented. Both Al-GO and PEG-GO membranes have wider interlayer d-spacing compared to pure GO, and the d-spacing size correlates well to the cross-membrane water flux…
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Widely tunable persistent micelle templates via homopolymer swelling

Sarkar, Amrita; Thyagarajan, Akshay; Cole, August; Stefik, Morgan

The combination of precision control with wide tunability remains a challenge for the fabrication of porous nanomaterials suitable for studies of nanostructure–behavior relationships. Polymer micelle templates broadly enable porous materials, however micelle equilibration hampers independent pore and wall size control. Persistent micelle templates (PMT) have emerged as a kinetic controlled…
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Photocatalytic Template Removal by Non-Ozone-Generating UV Irradiation for the Fabrication of Well-Defined Mesoporous Inorganic Coatings

Reid, Barry; Taylor, Alaric; Alvarez-Fernandez, Alberto; Ismael, Muhamad Hafiz; Sharma, Shatakshi; Schmidt-Hansberg, Benjamin; Guldin, Stefan

The processing of mesoporous inorganic coatings typically requires a high-temperature calcination step to remove organic precursors that are essential during the material assembly. Lowering the fabrication energy costs and cutting back on the necessary resources would provide a greater scope for the deployment in applications such as architectural glass, optical…
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Tailoring the Hydrophobicity of Mesoporous Organosilica for Protein Trapping and Supported Catalysis

Osta, Oriana; Bombled, Marianne; Partouche, David; Gallier, Florian; Lubin-Germain, Nadège; Brodie-Linder, Nancy; Alba-Simionesco, Christiane

We propose a method to enhance lysozyme trapping and supported-Copper catalysis when confined in organosilica materials. The direct synthesis presented here allows the control of the silica surface hydrophobicity by uniform introduction of methyl or phenyl groups. As a result, the lysozyme trapping is observed to be 3.2 times more…
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Adsorption of norfloxacin on a hexagonal mesoporous silica: isotherms, kinetics and adsorbent reuse

Otalvaro, Julián Ortiz; Avena, Marcelo; Brigante, Maximiliano

The adsorption of the antibiotic norfloxacin (NFX) on MCM-41 type mesoporous silica has been studied in batch experiments by performing adsorption kinetics and isotherms under different conditions. Regeneration of the adsorbent and reuse studies were also carried out and are discussed. On the one hand, the adsorption is very fast…
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Enhanced functional properties of biopolymer film incorporated with curcurmin-loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles for food packaging

Wu, Chunhua; Zhu, Yang; Wu, Tiantian; Wang, Lin; Yuan, Yi; Chen, Jicheng; Hu, Yaqin; Pang, Jie

Curcumin loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticle (SBA-15) was incorporated into chitosan (CS) film to improve the functional properties of pure CS film. Curcumin was loaded into SBA-15 (SBA-15-Cur) through a rotavapor method. The structural properties of SBA-15-Cur were characterised in detail by small-angle X-ray scattering, fourier transform-infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy, transmission electron…
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Influence of Trimethylsilyl Side Groups on the Molecular Mobility and Charge Transport in Highly Permeable Glassy Polynorbornenes

Yin, Huajie; Chapala, Pavel; Bermeshev, Maxim; Pauw, Brian R.; Schönhals, Andreas; Böhning, Martin

Superglassy polymers with a large fractional free volume have emerged as novel materials with a broad range of applications, especially in the field of membrane separations. Highly permeable addition-type substituted polynorbornenes with high thermal resistance and chemical stability are among the most promising materials. The major obstacle for extending the…
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Hard–Soft Carbon Composite Anodes with Synergistic Sodium Storage Performance

Xie, Fei; Xu, Zhen; Jensen, Anders C. S.; Au, Heather; Lu, Yaxiang; Araullo‐Peters, Vicente; Drew, Alan J.; Hu, Yong-Sheng; Titirici, Maria-Magdalena

A series of hard–soft carbon composite materials is produced from biomass and oil waste and applied as low-cost anodes for sodium-ion batteries to study the fundamentals behind the dependence of Na storage on their structural features. A good reversible capacity of 282 mAh g−1 is obtained at a current density…
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3D visualisation of hepatitis B vaccine in the oral delivery vehicle SBA-15

Rasmussen, Martin K.; Kardjilov, Nikolay; Oliveira, Cristiano L. P.; Watts, Benjamin; Villanova, Julie; Botosso, Viviane Fongaro; Sant’Anna, Osvaldo A.; Fantini, Marcia C. A.; Bordallo, Heloisa N.

Developing a technology that enables oral vaccines to work efficiently remains a considerable effort since a number of difficulties must be addressed. The key objective being to ensure the safe passage through the harsh conditions within the gastrointestinal tract, promoting delivery that induces enhanced immune response. In the particular case…
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Acid Induced Self-Assembly Strategy to Synthesize Ordered Mesoporous Carbons from Biomass

Xu, Fan; Chen, Yiqing; Tang, Minghui; Wang, Haiyan; Deng, Jiang; Wang, Yong

Hydrothermal carbonization of biomass is an economic and sustainable technique for the fabrication of functional carbonaceous materials. However, the introduction of biomass into synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbon materials achieves slow progress due to complicated requirements. It is still challenging to prepare biomass-derived ordered mesoporous carbon materials. Herein, we report…