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Using the singular value decomposition to extract 2D correlation functions from scattering patterns

Bender, Philipp; Zákutná, Dominika; Disch, Sabrina; Marcano, Lourdes; Venero, Diego Alba; Honecker, Dirk

We apply the truncated singular value decomposition (SVD) to extract the underlying 2D correlation functions from small-angle scattering patterns. We test the approach by transforming the simulated data of ellipsoidal particles and show that also in case of anisotropic patterns (i.e. aligned ellipsoids) the derived correlation functions correspond to the…
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Combining Small-Angle X-ray Scattering and X-ray Powder Diffraction to Investigate Size, Shape and Crystallinity of Silver, Gold and Alloyed Silver-Gold Nanoparticles

Garcia, P. R. A. F.; Loza, K.; Daumann, S.; Grasmik, V.; Pappert, K.; Rostek, A.; Helmlinger, J.; Prymak, O.; Heggen, M.; Epple, M.; Oliveira, C. L. P.

The combination of simultaneous measurements of small and wide angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS–SWAXS) to investigate the overall size, shape, and crystallinity of silver nanoparticles and alloyed silver-gold nanoparticles in the size range of 8 to 80 nm is shown. The obtained results for overall size are in agreement with the…
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3D visualisation of hepatitis B vaccine in the oral delivery vehicle SBA-15

Rasmussen, Martin K.; Kardjilov, Nikolay; Oliveira, Cristiano L. P.; Watts, Benjamin; Villanova, Julie; Botosso, Viviane Fongaro; Sant’Anna, Osvaldo A.; Fantini, Marcia C. A.; Bordallo, Heloisa N.

Developing a technology that enables oral vaccines to work efficiently remains a considerable effort since a number of difficulties must be addressed. The key objective being to ensure the safe passage through the harsh conditions within the gastrointestinal tract, promoting delivery that induces enhanced immune response. In the particular case…
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Cavitation-enabled rapid and tunable evolution of high-χN micelles as templates for ordered mesoporous oxides

Lokupitiya, Hasala N.; Stefik, Morgan

The kinetic-entrapment of block copolymer micelles enables size-persistence, however tuning micelle sizes under such conditions remains challenging. Agitation-induced chain exchange via vortexing is limited by the production of solution–air interfaces. Here, we use ultrasonic cavitation for rapid interface production that accelerates micelle growth by an order of magnitude over…