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Effects of Interconnected Polymer Nanopores Leading to Different Degrees of Confined Polymerization

Wang, Kui; Lei, Jinhua; Nie, Heran; Shen, Lu; Chen, Peng; Zhou, Guangyuan

In this study, different degrees of ethylene-confined polymerization (non-confined, slightly confined, and highly confined) are presented in porous polymer microspheres (PPMs) with an interconnected tri-modal pore structure. First, three catalysts, Cp2ZrCl2, Cp2TiCl2, and TiCl4, are attached to the interface of PPMs to form a nano-confined space for ethylene polymerization. Then…
12 March 2019
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Liquid crystal phantom for validation of microscopic diffusion anisotropy measurements on clinical MRI systems

Nilsson, Markus; Larsson, Johan; Lundberg, Dan; Szczepankiewicz, Filip; Witzel, Thomas; Westin, Carl-Fredrik; Bryskhe, Karin; Topgaard, Daniel

Purpose To develop a phantom for validating MRI pulse sequences and data processing methods to quantify microscopic diffusion anisotropy in the human brain. Methods Using a liquid crystal consisting of water, detergent, and hydrocarbon, we designed a 0.5-L spherical phantom showing the theoretically highest possible degree of microscopic anisotropy. Data…
12 March 2019
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High molecular weight poly(butylene succinate-co-furandicarboxylate) with 10mol% of BF unit: Synthesis, crystallization-melting behavior and mechanical properties

Peng, Shuangbao; Bu, Zhiyang; Wu, Linbo; Li, Bo-Geng; Dubois, Philippe

In this study, high molecular weight poly(butylene succinate-co-furandicarboxylate) with 10mol% of butylene furandicarboxylate unit (PBSF10) was synthesized and its crystal structure and crystallization-melting behaviors were investigated by means of WAXD, SAXS, DSC and POM. The tensile properties were also assessed. The crystal structure of PBSF10 is found to be the…
12 March 2019