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Effect of Macromolecular Chain Movement and the Interchain Interaction on Crystalline Nucleation and Spherulite Growth of Polylactic Acid under High-Pressure CO2

Li, Shaojie; Chen, Taoyi; Liao, Xia; Han, Weiqiang; Yan, Zhihui; Li, Junsong; Li, Guangxian

Crystallization behavior of polylactic acid (PLA) under CO2 is meaningful due to its effect on foaming behavior during CO2 foaming, while present studies mainly concentrated on overall crystallization behavior. In this study, the effect of CO2 on nucleation and spherulite growth of PLA crystals was in situ investigated separately. During…
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Tailoring the pore size and permeability of isoporous membranes through blending with poly(ethylene glycol): Toward the balance of macro- and microphase separation

Yang, Cao-ying; Zhu, Guo-dong; Yi, Zhuan; Qiu, Ya-yu; Liu, Li-fen; Gao, Cong-jie

Isoporous membranes prepared from the combination of self-assembly and non-solvent induced phase inversion (SNIPS) were known for their asymmetric structures that were characterized with an isoporous top layer and porous/interconnected sublayer. This unique feature provides an opportunity to tailor the structure on toplayer and sublayer separately or synchronously by adjusting…
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Physicochemical Properties of the Binary Mixtures of CuII-Containing Chelate-Based Ionic Liquids with Linear Alcohols

Zhang, Songna; Wang, Yongtao; Wang, Xinyu; Yao, Jia; Li, Haoran

Systematic measurements (densities, viscosities, conductivities) combined with small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) experiments were performed for binary mixtures of CuII-containing chelate-based ionic liquid (ChIL) with linear alcohols. The experimental results were explained by disruption of alcohols to ionic aggregation of the ChILs. Viscosity deviations (??) of four binary systems all show…
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Crystallization-driven microstructure changes during microphase separation for environment-friendly thermoplastic triblock copolymer elastomers

Ding, Shuangshuang; Fang, Chu; Wang, Xuehui; Wang, Zhigang

A study on the crystallization-driven microstructure changes during microphase separation for a series of high transparent semicrystalline thermoplastic triblock copolymer elastomers (TBCPEs), polylactide-b-polyisoprene-b-polylactide (PLA-b-PI-b-PLA) was conducted in this work. A series of PLA-b-PI-b-PLA TBCPEs with different molecular masses of PI midblock and same molecular mass of PLA end…
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Regulating Pore Structure of Hierarchical Porous Waste Cork-Derived Hard Carbon Anode for Enhanced Na Storage Performance

Li, Yuqi; Lu, Yaxiang; Meng, Qingshi; Jensen, Anders C. S.; Zhang, Qiangqiang; Zhang, Qinghua; Tong, Yuxin; Qi, Yuruo; Gu, Lin; Titirici, Maria-Magdalena; Hu, Yong-Sheng

Porous structure design is generally considered to be a reliable strategy to boost ion transport and provide active sites for disordered carbon anodes of Na-ion batteries (NIBs). Herein, a type of waste cork-derived hard carbon material (CC) is reported for efficient Na storage via tuning the pore species. Benefiting from…
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Microstructure Induced Rigidity of Polysiloxane Yielding Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Alkyl Side Chains

Sarkar, Alok; Negi, Lalit Mohan Singh; Lewis, Kenrick M.; Vasimalai, Nagamalai; Gowd, E. Bhoje; Dasgupta, Debarshi

The influence of a backbone microstructure on the side chain crystallization of a comb-like polymer is analyzed systematically using a tailor-made random versus block siloxane copolymer system. While the side alkyl chains of the random siloxane undergo a stepwise order–disorder (OD) transition to form well-ordered orthorhombic structure at low temperature,…
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Polyfluorene Copolymers as High-Performance Hole-Transport Materials for Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells

Hu, Jinlong; You, Jiang; Peng, Chang; Qiu, Shudi; He, Wenxin; Li, Chaohui; Liu, Xianhu; Mai, Yaohua; Guo, Fei

Inverted perovskite solar cells (PSCs) that can be entirely processed at low temperatures have attracted growing attention due to their cost-effective production. Hole-transport materials (HTMs) play an essential role in achieving efficient inverted PSCs, as they determine the effectiveness of charge extraction and recombination at interfaces. Herein, three polyfluorene copolymers…
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Chirality Transfer in Coassembled Organogels Enabling Wide-Range Naked-Eye Enantiodifferentiation

Yue, Bingbing; Yin, Liyuan; Zhao, Wandong; Jia, Xiaoyong; Zhu, Mingjie; Wu, Bin; Wu, Si; Zhu, Liangliang

Enantiodifferentiation is crucial in organic chemistry, pharmacochemistry, material chemistry, and life science. However, it remains tremendously challenging to achieve a broad enantioselectivity to different types of chiral substrates via a single-material design. Here, we report a coassembled organogel strategy with chirality transfer to make an enantioselective generality possible. This…
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Preparation and liquid crystal phase properties of discotic cellulose nanoparticles

Li, Chenxi; Evans, Julian; Wang, Nan; Guo, Tingbiao; He, Sailing

Understanding the behavior of fluids with inhomogeneous structural properties is critical for many industrial and biological materials. Sulfuric acid hydrolysis of cotton with ultrasonic treatment and low-speed centrifugation during purification yields “spiky” discotic cellulose particles. Amorphous cellulose remained in solution and forms discotic units which may be nucleated by crystalline…
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Improvement of Antialveolar Echinococcosis Efficacy of Albendazole by a Novel Nanocrystalline Formulation with Enhanced Oral Bioavailability

Hu, Chunhui; Liu, Zhengsheng; Liu, Chengyu; Zhang, Yaogang; Fan, Haining; Qian, Feng

Alveolar echinococcosis (AE) is a chronic infectious parasitic disease that is fatal and still being neglected. Currently, the AE treatment recommended by the WHO is complete excision of the lesions, followed by the oral administration of albendazole (ABZ), the only effective first-line anti-AE drug, for two years. Unfortunately, complete excision…