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Xenocs and CEA-Leti are launching a joint application lab

After three years of active collaboration for the development of a new generation of High brightness X-Ray source, Xenocs and CEA-Leti have decided to strengthen their relationship by setting up a joint X-ray application lab. This joint application lab, located at the NanoCharacterization Platform in Minatec Campus, will be dedicated…
15 January 2011
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New generation X-ray beam delivery system

Xenocs is proud to present its new generation X-ray beam delivery system : the GeniX 3D, recently launched at the ACA and Denver X-ray Conferences. This new platform integrates a higher brightness X-ray source with new designs of FOX 3D single reflection multilayer optics providing increased photon density and useful…
21 September 2010
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Small spot grazing incidence x-ray diffraction and reflectometry

Small spot grazing incidence x-ray diffraction and reflectometry enables mapping XRD and investigation of concave samples. The GeniX Cu High Convergence installed at the CEA-LETI demonstrates the capability to do fast measurements with good accuracy as well as high spatial resolution providing mapping capability. The combination with a curved detector…
10 July 2010
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New accessory : Scatterless system

Scatterless slits systems were recently tested on the French CRG beamline D2AM of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble. As you can see, the hybrid blades of the scatterless slits practically eliminate the parasitic slit scattering enabling a very clean beam without time consuming fine adjustments. These new slits…
25 February 2010