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Xeuss SAXS / WAXS System

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Thanks to its innovative concept and unique technologies, Xeuss SAXS/WAXS system is a high performance, low cost of ownership solution for ultimate nanostructure studies.

Xeuss SAXS / WAXS system : high performance solution for nanostructures analysis

Common SAXS systems rely on complex collimation to reduce parasitic scattering leading to major compromises in either flux on the sample or achievable q-min.

Xeuss benefits from the unique performances of Xenocs proprietary components : GeniX3D beam delivery system, FOX3D collimating optics and scatterless collimation to achieve best in class flux at any given resolution. Xenocs is partnering with most advanced detector suppliers for unmatched measuring performances.

Xeuss : a versatile SAXS WAXS system

Xeuss is a versatile solution adapted to a large variety of nanostructure analysis. It can be easily reconfigured to address both SAXS and WAXS applications. Automation packages are available allowing for remote operation such as multiple sample measurement, change of sample environment conditions, change of measurement settings (independent change of Δq, q-min and q range).

Xeuss offers the capability of having a large sample area either open or atmosphere controlled. Thanks to its unique highly collimated beam, it allows high degree of freedom for easy integration of complex and bulky sample environments.

Xeuss comes with a wide range of sample holders adapted to a large variety of nanomaterial studies.

Open to the community

Xeuss has been designed as an open solution. It gives access to scientific community open source software for data treatment.

Xeuss allows you to better prepare your synchrotron trip.