NEW ! Xenocs launches the BioXolver at ACA 2017

Xenocs is currently launching its new SAXS solution dedicated to structural biology at the American Crystallographic Association meeting, which takes place this year in New Orleans from May 26 to 30.


BioXolver, Accelerate your biostructural research

The BioXolver has been designed for biologists who need to have easy and fast access to high quality information on the shape and dynamics of macromolecules in solution.

With the BioXolver, simply place your 2x 96 well trays on the instrument, and let the system run the measurements for you. Sample handling, sample cell cleaning & drying are all done automatically. Data analysis is run by the integrated automated software package. Just retrieve your data, remotely if you would like to. With the BioXolver you can focus on research.

Another key benefit for biologists is the instrument very low sample volume consumption. With the BioXolver, save time & money! With its tubeless and automated sample handling, the instrument requires sample volume as low as 5 μL.

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Latest news

November 27, 2018

First successful demonstration of SEC-SAXS on a lab-system

A major increase of productivity in biostructural research is achieved by eliminating the need to go to a synchrotron for the combination of SAXS with SEC (size exclusion chromatograpy).

November 8, 2018

Xenocs User Community Forum is open!

Xenocs is very pleased to announce the opening of its User Forum.

February 15, 2018

BAM inaugurates state-of-the-art SAXS facility from Xenocs

On January 26, BAM – the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing – in Berlin inaugurated their new SAXS facility.

July 10, 2017

Xenocs at EPF 2017

Xenocs attended the European Polymer Federation 2017 congress last week in Lyon, France.

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